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My name is GHOST DATA, and I create symphonic electronic music.
I created GHOST DATA after a long road of music creation and experimentation with many different sounds, solidifying a tune that speaks to the heart and soul of all who care to listen.

By subscribing to me, you are not only supporting my work, you are enabling me to continue doing this at a more comfortable pace. The dream is to do this full time, and with your help, I just might be able to do that!

You will receive any and all albums, singles, or remixes EARLIER than any release on any music platform (Itunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, etc.). Also, any and all promotional art, live streaming, and sneak peeks at new works are included!

Doing this full time is the end game. To tour around the world, sharing my feelings through sound and soul... That's my dream! Any and all subscribers will be a welcome addition to this new family I've created with sound.

I hope to see you all join this little ghost on my journey to a new and deeper understanding of the sonic spectrum.

And as always, thank you so much for your support. It means the absolute world to me.

With love, GHOST DATA

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